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Mixed-reality storytelling guided by a live map and location-based experiences.

Probably the only iPhone application that lets you:

  • Play morality board games
  • Find creepy old stamps
  • Browse a pop-up book of evil architecture
  • Breathe deeply in an ether dome
  • Cinematic shorts reveal key places and plot twists to a crime that still lurks in the landscape of present-day Boston,
  • Access to hidden clubs, historic buildings, and hidden gems in America’s loveliest urban enclave

“'Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill' is an audio and video tour detailing the notorious 19th-century slaying of a wealthy Bostonian, George Parkman. Real-life relics, a skull here, a weapon there, will be placed in stores and other buildings on Beacon Hill, serving as waypoints for the tour.” -Boston Globe

"Because it knows where you are, it can encourage you to see things and meet people you wouldn't normally see or meet….It can lead to more fulfilling travel and more ongoing relationships with the cities that you travel to." -Reuters




"Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill" is a project developed by Untravel Media for the Center for Independent Documentary. It is a first-of-its-kind mobile companion to a documentary film set in the original story space. We're excited to hear what you think of the project and plan to create more of these. This project was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Please feel free to contact the creators at We appreciate any type of feedback that will help us improve and expand on this new platform for telling stories. Visit our Flickr group to add your own photos from the tour!

Narrated by Alexandra McDougall

Voice Work by Paul Logan, Jr
Soundtrack by Sasha Mandel

Directed by Michael Epstein, Untravel Media

Based on a film by Eric Stange and Melissa Banta, Spy Pond Productions

Animation and Video Production by Laura Piraino, Untravel Media

Graphic Design by Caitlin Mailly, Untravel Media

Map Animation and Renderings by Michael Born, Born Illustration, Inc.

Application Design by Raizlabs

Project Coordinated by Susi Walsh, Center for Independent Documentary

Production Assistant, Brooke Scibelli

Created with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Digital Humanities Startup Program

S. Parkman “Parkie” Shaw, descendent of George Parkman

Ronald Story, historian

Karen Halttunen, historian

Massachusetts General Hospital, Programming and Special Events

Liberty Hotel

Black Ink
Harvard Musical Association
Appalachian Mountain Club

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Print Department Boston Public Library
Map Reproduction Courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library
Liberty Hotel
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Margaret K. Hofer (Images from “The Games We played”)
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Massachusetts General Hospital
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Massachusetts State Archive
American Antiquarian Society
Archive Photo
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Boston Public Library
Bostonian Society
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Brown Brothers
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Massachusetts State Archive
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Gallows Photograph

Notebook Imagery
Michael Pereckas

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The Freesound Project

The Henry Ford Museum
Spypod Productions Murder at Harvard